I had a great day today because I get to interview a classmate of mine in Art 110, Steven Lozano. Steven and I walked and talked throughout the art galleries together. We look at many different art pieces but not many of them appeals to Steven and I. That was until we came across a painting called German Whiners. We both had a liking to it because the art piece was just so awesome. I talk more into the painting after my next blog post! It was great! After looking all the galleries, I had my interview with Steven. Steven is a freshman at CSULB. It is his first year at college here and his major is Business while planning to minor Art. He planned to have a business in Art when he graduate. He grew up in a town called Whittier and commutes from home to school. As far as his social life goes, Steven really enjoys arts. He likes to try new foods which is cool, like me. Except he refuses to eat sea slug, because he thinks it is disgusting and taste horrible. It was awesome meeting Steven. He was a great guy and I hoped he accomplish his dream here at CSULB. Also here is the link to his blog! Be sure to check it out!  http://stevenwlozano.com/