I walk throughout all the art galleries at CSULB today and almost all of the arts there did not appeal to me with the exception of one. That was the art painting by Matthew Usinowicz titled German Whiners.This one caught a hold of my attention because of its content. When I first saw this I loved how the two objects just seemed to be so random yet related. After all the title is called German Whiners. It probably is making fun of German after WW II. As if the painting is like saying the German’s submarines are nothing but hot dogs for the allies forces to chomp on during battle. I then read about the artist and his statement on the GLAMFA website. It turns out that his art is inspired by American Capitalism ideologies which make me believe that this German Whiners piece is indeed political. I think that is the reason why this art piece appeals to me. I loved reading and study history, particularly wars event. His German submarine attracted me to his painting while the hot dog make me laugh after. Here is his personal website to check out! http://matthewusinowicz.com/