So pretty much this week class activity is about posting your daily life pictures with Instagram. The main point of this activity is to see if we shared any similarity or differences between classmates. If we do does that mean we are in a group of identity? If not does that make us individual? And who is the author of this gallery shared by all classmates?

So first off the class is filled with a variety people with different personality, lifestyles, race and culture. So I was really excited to see what commonality do I possibly share with these people. When I searched up #art110f14 on instagram I was not surprised at all to see majority of the pictures were all these self pictures and foods. However, despite that, I did find some pictures that I can relate to. Pictures such as the freeway reminds me that I commute to school from home, PS4 controller remind me that I really loved gaming, or the picture of CSULB that shows we go to the same school. Despite all these students in class, I am not surprised that I would find several people that shares my common interest. That is because I believed one person will always have one common thing to share with another.

I believe the author is pretty much the people who made this gallery happen. I believe each person who posted a picture in the hashtag #art100f14 is the “author” of this gallery because without people taking pictures then gallery would not existed. The professor may also be the “author” as well because without him giving us this activity then this gallery would never have been possible. 

Several of the pictures classmates uploaded on Instagram that I relate to: