This second week, I got to interview another classmate of mine in Art 110, Kevin Lee. Kevin is a new freshman in CSULB and his current major is Business Marketing. He was thinking of working under a business company or open his own business after graduating with the degree. There were several hobbies we shared. He loved playing games and basketball. He also took an ROP Multimedia course like me in high school. I ask Kevin if he like the lifestyle here in college. He said it is way better than high school because he can choose his classes and times. He has a bit more freedom. He also enjoyed watching movies on Netflix. Kevin choose to take Art 110 because it was a GE requirement course. As a Junior, I gave him several advice when in college such as joining a club, visit career center, horn center, etc. It was great meeting Kevin and learning about him. I hoped he has a great time and success here in CSULB. Here is his blog site to check out!