This second week I visit the CSULB art gallery again. As I have said before in my past previous post about the art piece German Whiners by Matthew Usinowicz, there are other art pieces that I have gotten attracted to. So this time I want to talk about this other art piece called the Claremont Meaty done by the artist Andrea Marie Breiling. This one causes me to think deeply because of its content. When I first saw this I was puzzled, trying to figure what the painting is about. The entire painting were mostly black. Yet however, it seem as if the black coloring is covering the real content of the painting. This make me concentrate harder to try to image what is behind that black coloring. After a while I cannot make any sense of it. I then went online and read about the artist and her statement on the GLAMFA website to get a clue of what the painting is about. According to her statement on the GLAMFA website, her works are mostly based on transparency, concealing and revealing works. Thus proves my point that certain colors are covering something. I really still do not know what is the revealing part is. I will post a picture of it below. Tell me if you guys see anything. Other than that, Andrea Marie Breiling has her own website as well so be sure to check it out! andreamariebreiling.com

 IMG_0017 IMG_0016