When I walk into the art gallery today at CSULB, I was very attracted to many of the impressive art pieces in the room. All these art pieces were created by the artist by the name of Tricia E. Rangel.  Most of the pieces in the room seems to be made out of dirt and weirdly shape as well. While there are others that are made out of brass. One particularly art piece that caught my attention, was titled “Component”. It is entirely made up of brass material. The shapes of the piece is what attracted me. It look like a map of some sort. I get that idea because I play a lot of games. So to know what exactly this art piece is inspire from, I interview the artist herself. Tricia told me that the “Component” was actually a reflection or map of another art piece. So I was kind of right about it being some kind of a map. I guess years of gaming allows me to get an idea of where art comes from haha. Anyway I was really amazed with the arts Tricia has done. Especially the “Component”.


“Component” A map of the dirt placement for the art piece on the bottom picture


Dirt blocks organized in a weird fashion