This is my newest classmate I interviewed this 3rd week at CSULB, Parker Mandujano. He is a Freshmen at CSULB and is currently dorming there as well. He came to CSULB straight from high school. He actually applied to other colleges beside CSULB such as UC Santa Barbara and UC Riverside. UC Santa Barbara rejected him but UC Riverside accepted him. However, he chose to go to CSULB instead. Parker came into college as a undeclared major. He has a liking toward majoring film or animal related majors. Parker has enjoyed the college experience so far these past few weeks. He has played basketball and soccer for sports.

Parker is taking Art 110 because it is a general education requirement. At first he thinks of the class as something like learning about art history and such. However, he was pleased to learn that it is not like that and now seems to be truly interested in certain arts when we visit the CSULB art galleries. Parker and I think alike in that we both think art is something to be appreciated when it appeals through our emotions.

Parker is a pretty cool guy who I am sure will be making lots of new friends here at CSULB and in Art 110. and can discover new art that appeals to us both during the weeks of this semester at CSULB. Here is his art blog, check it out!