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This week at the CSULB’s art galleries. I attracted to an artist name Isaiah Ulloa and the work he has accomplished. His art was displayed in a show called “Labyrinth”. Other artists beside Isaiah that are in the same show as him were Angel G. Franco and Juan Martin. When I interviewed Isaiah, he told me he had one piece that he made by himself. He also mentions he has another one that was a collaboration work with the other artists. None of the art pieces in the show had titles which is nice because I can think of a title of my own.

The art piece itself was fascinating. The art layout is like a snow field while in the middle of it is a mold of a human. After interviewing, Isaiah, I found out that the mold was actually came from him. This art piece gave me a feeling of loneliness and desolation because it look like a human dying in a snow field with no help.

Isaiah also told me that the art was created by technology. He had his body scanned on a computer and carved by a machine. The snow looking material were all foam materials. The artists used 3D printers which I heard a lot lately. It is my first time to witness a product of 3D printers and it was awesome.