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This week, I came across an art piece in the CSULB gallery which drew my attention instantly the moment I walk in. At first, when I looked at it, it looked disorganized with all the writing everywhere, but then I took some time to actually read some of it and was very impress. The art piece is practically a huge poster that is filled with drawing of thought bubbles filled with thoughts and worries about someone who is concerned with their sexual orientation. The thought bubbles were about the daily worries and fears in everybody’s life. In my opinion, I think it was a very powerful meaningful poster because it illustrated the fears of what people afraid to speak out. When I interviewed with the artist, she said she her major was print. She wanted to create something big with a big meaning. She initially thought about creating something in a bullet point format to organize thoughts, but then she decided to create it in thought bubble to shows that the people are actually thinking. It took her a month to finish this art project! Really like the project Nora!