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This week I got meet David Aceves who I approached for an interview because it seems everyone in the class was taken. David actually already got a partner that he interviewed with together but he is generous enough to give his time and let me interview him! David is a senior and is graduating this year, although he looks really young. David major in Civil Engineering. I asked David about any clubs he was in and he told me that he used to be part of the sailing club but couldn’t participate as much as he would like because he was busy. I also asked him about why he is taking art 110. Turns out he is mandated to take this class in order to graduated because of GE requirement. I then asked if he like the class, he said it was pretty cool and not the kind of art class he was expecting. Currently, David works as a tutor in the horn center, although he can’t work past 20 hours a week since he is a student. David told me he was once paid to assemble a 3-D printer which is amazing since I seen those technology in media a lot. David is pretty cool guy check his site out! http://DavidAceves.com/