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This week art galleries, I found and enjoyed a weird artwork of a human sculpture head with bunny ears. The sculpture was created by an artist named Myra Flores. This week it seems I cannot interview the artist of this creation because Myra was nowhere to be found outside the gallery. However, she did left behind a little note next to the sculpture that gave background information about the art. From what the note said, the sculpture is made out of clay and iridescent acrylic. It also mentions that the piece was “intended to be humorous and its subject matter is based on a comparison of the way women are objectified, idealized, and fetishized, much like the way Playboy magazine largely depicts women, to the way in which male actors like Ryan Gosling are subjected to a similar form of idolization and fetishization.” It would be more interesting to actually meet Myra and personally asked her about the art piece. I did enjoyed viewing her piece at the gallery this week.