This week activity, Professor Zucman lets decide what we want to do for our weekly activity. I chose to show what I like to do with the things I learned in my computer class. There are many games, website, and programs that are made from foreign people. It means that all of those things are written in a foreign language. However, there is one thing that all of them share. That is binary. What I like to do now and then when I have free time, is translate some game text from non-English games. For example, a pc game called Romance of the Three Kingdom was made and released to China and Japan. However, because of it not being popular in the west, it never gotten a localization therefore no English version of it at all. There are certain amount number of people in the west that love that game but does not have a chance to play it and even if they do(importing), then they would not understand a single text because it is not in English. This is where editing files comes to play. What I generally do is open certain scene file in the game and examine the character, data space, and binaries. It is gonna get complicated trying to explain this so I make it short. Pretty much what I do is replace the character or kanji of file with a binary that implement an alphabetical letter. Eventually rewriting the whole script and translating the game to English. I learned all this from my computer science course here in CSULB. The course did not teach us to edit games but it sure teach me the stuff needed to do that though!