This Art110 course was truly a course that had gone beyond my expectation. I have learned so much about art and in a fun way too. I do not have to read textbook or remember facts or anything. This course teach me that arts is more than just a painting on a wall. I have also gained the confidence to socialize with strangers because of the many classmates interviews we have been doing. This week the Professor gave us an additional extra credit opportunity to choose and talk about three awesome class activities that we really enjoyed participating and three others that are least impressive. I was very glad when he announced it because I really need the extra credit. Once i went over all the activities I have done so far in this class and choose: Instagram, Landscape, and Student Choice. The reason why I really liked doing the instagram  activity is because it shows me how there are many commons things I shared with a stranger. It made me more confident to approached or talk to them when they come up and talk. That is why it was one of my favorite. The second favorite activity I chose was Landscape. The reason why I enjoyed this activity was because it made me think of the future and reminds me to treasure my life and live to the fullest. The third and last activity I really enjoyed doing was the Student Choice. This activity allows me to think that even the stuffs I loved to do is art as well to some people. Everyone has their own art. To be honest I did not dislike any of the activities we did in class but if i had to choose my least favorite activities then I would choose: Drawing, Plaster Casting, and Painting. Yeah I know those are literally art activity. The reasons why I dislike the drawing activity was that I get irritated when someone did not even try their best to draw me. I am not a stick figure. It takes forever for one to draw a human looking being. I hate it when you tried your best but the other side did not. The idea is good and all but I do not really like it so much. The Plaster Casting activity was a less favorite as well because it required us to spend money on the accessories. Finally the third least favorite activity was Painting. The reason why I dislike it is because I do not like to use spray can to paint on wall. To me it felt like I am vandalizing someone property. I know that it is a form of art from learning and watching in the class, however the fact is that you are painting on someone property is the same as damaging their stuffs. I know the activity we can legally spray paint the places that the Professor mentions, but the idea of using spray can to paint still does sit well with me. But that is just me. Other than that I really enjoyed most of the activities. I honestly think that giving us more class activities during the week would connect the students with art in a deeper way that would spark and spread the interest in art to others. I really like this class. It is not just some boring art class where you just learn text and draw. It is more than that and I really appreciate your teaching, Professor Zucman.