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This week art gallery I visited the Dutzi Gallery and it was interesting and amazing. The  artists who had their art work displayed in the Dutzi Gallery were Angie Samblotte and Lacy McCune. Their artwork was titled “Taking my Time in the Paradigm”. Paradigm is pretty much a typical example or pattern of something. Seeing that word in the title, I lookat some of their beautiful paintings and drawings and thought the title was well suited. For example, one of the art piece was a drawing and it caught my attention because it made me think about how it resembled the branch of life. I got that impression by looking at how the drawing started to grow big and evolve to something beautiful. Some of their other artworks resembled that pattern as well. For example, another art piece I saw was a bunch of small objects that resembled furniture. It look sound simple but when I saw the creativity put into these, I really thought it was interesting because it had some crystal glass growing on the furniture. I like how the artists made these furniture. They all look like the old century furniture that we do not see often these days in people homes.