This week is the last week of activity of Art110. It has been a long way but the end has come. This week activity is extraordinary. We are to teach someone an art idea or art technique. I have done so many activities in the semester but finding someone to teach art is a bit of a problem since many people are not interest in art. That is why I chose to teach to my mother who has no interested in art whatsoever. I want to teach her that art is more than just a painting or drawing. Art can be anything simple yet beautiful. The activity I choose to teach my brother is one of the activity we have done just a week ago in the course. That is right, the let you choose activity. I want to let my mother decided what she really loved to do in her spare time. With that being said, she told me to take a photo of her and the garden in the front. So I did it. I took a picture of her crouching behind a pile of flowers with fruits tree behind her. I am not a good photographer but the picture I took for my mom look amazing. When my mother look at the photo she said it was beautiful and awesome. I told her that it was an art. She argued that it just a picture. I told her that art is more than just what people think. It is not just about drawing and painting. She understood me a little bit and I am bit happy that she can appreciate the concept of art a bit more than before.