This week I got to meet a classmate that cherish a same heritage as mine. Alex Lo is a Sophomore here at CSULB and is majoring in Kinesiology. Alex’s ethnicity is Chinese/Vietnamese and he takes pride in his culture and heritage. He says he respects and appreciate his parents,grandparents, and his relatives for all the sacrifices they have put in to create a better life for him. I really respect Alex. I have seen many people not understanding how much sacrifices has been made by their ancestors for them to be here. Alex mentions that he is the youngest of his two elder brothers. He loved being here at Long Beach and the community around here. He said he definitely fits in with the skaters out here since his hobbies includes skating. Alex also workout and played a lot of football and volleyball. When I asked him about art, he said that he was not really into art. It was nice meeting him and very kind of him of letting me interviewing him. Here is his website, check it out! http://alexanderl0.com/