WK 9-Artist Interview-Myra Flores


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This week art galleries, I found and enjoyed a weird artwork of a human sculpture head with bunny ears. The sculpture was created by an artist named Myra Flores. This week it seems I cannot interview the artist of this creation because Myra was nowhere to be found outside the gallery. However, she did left behind a little note next to the sculpture that gave background information about the art. From what the note said, the sculpture is made out of clay and iridescent acrylic. It also mentions that the piece was “intended to be humorous and its subject matter is based on a comparison of the way women are objectified, idealized, and fetishized, much like the way Playboy magazine largely depicts women, to the way in which male actors like Ryan Gosling are subjected to a similar form of idolization and fetishization.” It would be more interesting to actually meet Myra and personally asked her about the art piece. I did enjoyed viewing her piece at the gallery this week.



Wk 9 – Classmate Conversation – Tanner Binsfeld


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This week I got the chance to meet Tanner Binsfeld, a fellow classmate. This is his second year here at CSULB. His current major is Kinesiology in physical therapy. Tanner told me he is taking Art 110 because of GE requirement. I asked him if he like the class and he respond it is an okay class. He like the activity portion of the class but gallery/artist interview section he really does not like it. That is because he said he does not feel anything from arts. He currently dorm here at CSULB instead of commuting since it is about 1+ hr drive. Anyway, it was very nice meeting Tanner and know more about someone’s life like usual. Here is his site, go check it out! http://tannerbinsfeld.com/


WK 8 – Activity – EPortfolio


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This week activity I have to make some changes to my Art 110 website. Changes to make it into an E-Portfolio. At first this website I only used to turn in my homework for Art 110. But now I think I should make a few changes to that. I begin changing my background and theme into something more organized. My old site only shows the recent post I have with no way of navigating to my old posts. Now with the new site, people can navigate my old posts easily.

I planned to post daily stuff I do that I find interesting. I want this website to show what kind of person I am. I started to write some information about me in the about me page. But I think the daily posts I planned to do, will show what kind of person I am. I also planned to post some of my hobbies and such. Practically kind of make it like a blog.


WK 8-Artist Interview-Nora Ayala


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This week, I came across an art piece in the CSULB gallery which drew my attention instantly the moment I walk in. At first, when I looked at it, it looked disorganized with all the writing everywhere, but then I took some time to actually read some of it and was very impress. The art piece is practically a huge poster that is filled with drawing of thought bubbles filled with thoughts and worries about someone who is concerned with their sexual orientation. The thought bubbles were about the daily worries and fears in everybody’s life. In my opinion, I think it was a very powerful meaningful poster because it illustrated the fears of what people afraid to speak out. When I interviewed with the artist, she said she her major was print. She wanted to create something big with a big meaning. She initially thought about creating something in a bullet point format to organize thoughts, but then she decided to create it in thought bubble to shows that the people are actually thinking. It took her a month to finish this art project! Really like the project Nora!


Wk 8 – Classmate Conversation – David Aceves


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This week I got meet David Aceves who I approached for an interview because it seems everyone in the class was taken. David actually already got a partner that he interviewed with together but he is generous enough to give his time and let me interview him! David is a senior and is graduating this year, although he looks really young. David major in Civil Engineering. I asked David about any clubs he was in and he told me that he used to be part of the sailing club but couldn’t participate as much as he would like because he was busy. I also asked him about why he is taking art 110. Turns out he is mandated to take this class in order to graduated because of GE requirement. I then asked if he like the class, he said it was pretty cool and not the kind of art class he was expecting. Currently, David works as a tutor in the horn center, although he can’t work past 20 hours a week since he is a student. David told me he was once paid to assemble a 3-D printer which is amazing since I seen those technology in media a lot. David is pretty cool guy check his site out! http://DavidAceves.com/


WK 6-Artist Interview-Isaiah Ulloa


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This week at the CSULB’s art galleries. I attracted to an artist name Isaiah Ulloa and the work he has accomplished. His art was displayed in a show called “Labyrinth”. Other artists beside Isaiah that are in the same show as him were Angel G. Franco and Juan Martin. When I interviewed Isaiah, he told me he had one piece that he made by himself. He also mentions he has another one that was a collaboration work with the other artists. None of the art pieces in the show had titles which is nice because I can think of a title of my own.

The art piece itself was fascinating. The art layout is like a snow field while in the middle of it is a mold of a human. After interviewing, Isaiah, I found out that the mold was actually came from him. This art piece gave me a feeling of loneliness and desolation because it look like a human dying in a snow field with no help.

Isaiah also told me that the art was created by technology. He had his body scanned on a computer and carved by a machine. The snow looking material were all foam materials. The artists used 3D printers which I heard a lot lately. It is my first time to witness a product of 3D printers and it was awesome.


Wk 6 – Classmate Conversation – Charlie Teloma


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This week I had the pleasure of talking to Charlie Teloma. He is a freshman and is majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He lived in the city of Buena Park and commutes from there to school. His other school of choice beside CSULB was UC San Diego. Charlie told me he is taking Art 110 because it was a general education course and that he wants to get 16 units. Also he was not expecting what Art 110 turns out to be. He initially thought it was a drawing class. Now he finds the class more interesting than he would have thought. He is pretty cool guy when you get to know him. I am very glad to have met and talk with Charlie this week. Here is his blog. Go check it out! http://charlie110art.wordpress.com/


WK 3 – Activity – Kick Starter

This kick starter project is really amazing! It is basically about a creation of a wireless charger that charges usb devices using solar power. This means that we can save money on electric bills by charging our usb devices such as phone for free! I bet the electric company would not be happy when they see this comes out. They also claims that their wireless charger’s charge power is the same or almost the same as a wall charger. I really think this kick starter project will go really well! That is because this invention relates to us all since we are using many usb devices, especially phones.

Also I made a hypothetical kick starter video of my own. Go and check it out!

WK 3-Artist Interview-Tricia E. Rangel



When I walk into the art gallery today at CSULB, I was very attracted to many of the impressive art pieces in the room. All these art pieces were created by the artist by the name of Tricia E. Rangel.  Most of the pieces in the room seems to be made out of dirt and weirdly shape as well. While there are others that are made out of brass. One particularly art piece that caught my attention, was titled “Component”. It is entirely made up of brass material. The shapes of the piece is what attracted me. It look like a map of some sort. I get that idea because I play a lot of games. So to know what exactly this art piece is inspire from, I interview the artist herself. Tricia told me that the “Component” was actually a reflection or map of another art piece. So I was kind of right about it being some kind of a map. I guess years of gaming allows me to get an idea of where art comes from haha. Anyway I was really amazed with the arts Tricia has done. Especially the “Component”.


“Component” A map of the dirt placement for the art piece on the bottom picture


Dirt blocks organized in a weird fashion

Wk 3 – Classmate Conversation – Parker Mandujano

This is my newest classmate I interviewed this 3rd week at CSULB, Parker Mandujano. He is a Freshmen at CSULB and is currently dorming there as well. He came to CSULB straight from high school. He actually applied to other colleges beside CSULB such as UC Santa Barbara and UC Riverside. UC Santa Barbara rejected him but UC Riverside accepted him. However, he chose to go to CSULB instead. Parker came into college as a undeclared major. He has a liking toward majoring film or animal related majors. Parker has enjoyed the college experience so far these past few weeks. He has played basketball and soccer for sports.

Parker is taking Art 110 because it is a general education requirement. At first he thinks of the class as something like learning about art history and such. However, he was pleased to learn that it is not like that and now seems to be truly interested in certain arts when we visit the CSULB art galleries. Parker and I think alike in that we both think art is something to be appreciated when it appeals through our emotions.

Parker is a pretty cool guy who I am sure will be making lots of new friends here at CSULB and in Art 110. and can discover new art that appeals to us both during the weeks of this semester at CSULB. Here is his art blog, check it out!